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I’ll Take My City on the Rocks

Published on June 15, 2012 by
Every city has a reason for existence.  They needed a place for all the politicians so they threw them into a swamp and called it Washington D.C.  A bunch of people thought it would be a good idea to live below sea level next to a large body of water that floods on a regular basis, and so New Orleans was created. Pretty much every city in Ohio was brought into existence to make everyone else feel better about their home cities.  (I kid. Cleveland rocks.  Or at least that’s what Drew Carey taught me.)  So why does Richmond exist?
It’s a bit more complicated than that.  The Powhatan tribe had been living in what is now Richmond for some time before Christopher Newport showed up.  Chris came up all the way to Turkey Island(now Presquile Island) with John Rolfe in tow, met with the big wig’s son(mistaking him for Powhatan), sent a friend request (hoping they would help fight the tribe that was bugging them down in Jamestown), and planted a cross in the ground for the king.  (James I, not Elvis.  Though the Elvis River would have been amusing.)  We will hear more about these guys later, I promise.

Somewhere in here is a river. Can you see how you couldn’t get much further?

The James River is central to modern day Richmond.  It bisects our city (much like the highway that runs straight through the heart of the city) and is a significant draw tothe area.  There are many things unique about the river as it winds through the heart of downtown.  It is the only river in the United States with Class II – V rapids through the heart of downtown, provides rock climbing within view of downtown, and supports a surprising variety of flora and fauna including a heronry!

A heron at Pipeline Rapids, one of my favorite spots in the city.

Oh, hey Osprey!

What’s that? It’s a whistle pig! Also known as a groundhog. What’s that? It’s a whistle pig!…

A snake! Aaaaaaaaah a snake! It’s just a Northern Watersnake.


This is the path that I had to follow (with $1000 worth of camera on my back) to get that skyline shot.

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