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Duck It!: The Big Brothers Big Sisters 23rd Annual Duck Race

Published on August 14, 2012 by

We have Great Blue Herons that visit Downtown yearly to teach us about the birds and the… well… the birds.  We have royal murmerations of Purple Martins that make RVA a stop-over on the trip from Canada to Brazil.  We also have another winged visitor that arrives to the banks of the James every year.  We’re talking about ducks, dude.  Little, yellow, different ducks.

Some are larger than others… more cowduck!

Every year Big Brothers Big Sisters gathers a large group of people, hoists a large dumpster over the James River with a crane, dumps the contents of said container into the river, and celebrates!

Well, I never!

I am referring here to the 23rd Annual Duck Race.  The first duck to cross the finish line (they are contained to avoid any errant ducks making it out to the Bay) wins it’s owner a fabulous prize!  This year it was a Nissan Versa from Priority Nissan.  This was the first year the race was held at it’s new home in Rockett’s Landing.  Many people braved the rain to await the dropping of the ducks.  I found myself a comfy little pier about 30 feet above river level and anxiously awaited as other onlookers joined me and freaked me out by almost dropping to their watery demise through the not-so-well-kept pier.  (I’m talking to YOU guy who was taking pictures right next to me!)  The crowd started counting down…

Splash down!

I had 5 ducks in this race, and despite constant coaching and blatant cheating (fowl play!) none of my ducks made the cut.  I took them home and offered them a stern scolding as we sat down to review the game footage.  They say they will do better next year, we shall see.  Whether I won or not, all the proceeds went to a great cause and I hope Big Brothers Big Sisters raised everything they had expected, and more to help children realize their potential.

Get IN there, ducks! You’re not even trying!

Are there other charities or events in RVA YOU want to see and learn more about?   Leave a comment or email me at my new address: nick@photorva.com!  Or TWEET me @PhotoRVA.  I’m always up for exploring our area, even when it QUACKS me up!


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